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Community Theatre Registration

Information for MTA 2025 at The Riley Center in Meridian, MS will be found HERE when the information is available to our Board of Directors.

The deadline to register for the one-act festival will be December 1. The deadline for organizations to register will be December 15. Festival Registration can be found HERE when available.

Until updated information is available, requirements for last year’s festival, MTA 2024, can be found at the bottom of this page.

The Community Theatre Chairs and the Executive Director are here to assist you and your theatre.  Please get in touch with us with questions regarding running your community theatre.

In addition to hosting the statewide community theatre festival, we also host an annual workshop. The workshop is geared toward all theatre professionals in our state. If you have suggestions for workshops – be sure to let us know.

Any theatre competing at the MTA Festival must be registered as a community theatre. See the rules and guidelines for more information. Contact the festival chairs with questions. Community Theatre Festival Guidelines

Adult Individual Events are a great way to show off your talent and get involved in MTA 2025! Information regarding this festival can be found HERE.

MTA maintains a general-purpose email listserv to distribute information about the association and promote theatres sharing information about their events.  If you would like to be added to the listserv, send an email to Lindsey Eubanks, Executive Director.  

MTA 2025 will be held in Meridian, MS, January 16-19, 2025

Community Theatre Festival Letter and Information
MTA 2025 information has been posted in the link above.

Community Theatre Festival Guidelines

MTA 2025 information will be posted in early October.

Technical Info for the MSU Riley Center

MTA 2025 – Light Plot
MTA 2025 – Channel Hookup
MTA 2025 – Other Information
One Act Technical Questionnaire

Important Community Theatre Forms

Community Theatre Code of Conduct

This is the Community Theatre Code of Conduct for MTA 2025. Updates to this will be posted by early November.

Individual Registration for MTA 2025
Registration for MTA 2025 will open in early November 2024.

Adult Individual Events Rules

Registration for MTA 2025 will open in early November 2024.

Community Adjudicator Forms
Information and updates will be posted by early November 2024.

MTA Festival Site Information

MTA 2025 Festival Site Information will be posted by early November 2024.

Community Theatre Festival Registration

Information for MTA 2025 will be posted by early November 2024.

Ad Sales for MTA 2025
Consider purchasing an ad in the MTA 2025 Festival Program in support of your theatre or business! MTA 2025 Festival Program information will be posted in early September.

MTA 2025 Schedule
The overall schedule for MTA 2025 will be posted in late December 2024.

MTA 2025 Workshop Schedule
The MTA 2025 Workshops will be posted by early January 2025.

MTA 2025 Workshop Presenter

Click HERE to register as an MTA Workshop Presenter.

MTA 2025 Festival Program
The MTA 2025 Festival Program will be posted by mid-January 2025.

MTA 2024 Community Theatre Requirements

Mississippi Theatre Listing
MTA would like to showcase “all” theatres in Mississippi! To be included,or to update, your theatre information, click on the following link and complete the google form.
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Upcoming Theatre Events
A great way to promote your upcoming theatre productions is through the MTA Online Calendar!
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Playwriting Festival
The MTA 2024 Playwriting Festival is open for submissions!
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