2023 Annual Statewide Festival

MTA 2023 is scheduled to be a live event that will take place January 12 – 15, 2023 in Tupelo, Mississippi.  HERE is a list of festival hotels. Registration for groups can be found HERE. A full schedule of the events will be listed HERE in early January.  A full schedule of workshops will be listed HERE in early January.

Festival Passes will be available for $25 for the weekend (This will include play passes only. This pass does “not” include workshops, socials, etc.)

Day Passes will be available for $10 per day (This will include play passes only. This pass does “not” include workshops, socials, etc.)


Community Theatre Organizational Registration can be found HERE. The deadline for the Community Theatre Festival is December 1.


HERE is the link for Secondary Theatre Organizational and Festival Registration. The deadline for registration is December 15.

2023 MTA Tupelo, MS Virtual Tour

Tupelo Site Photos

The Lyric Ground Plan

Playwriting Competition

The MTA Playwriting Competitions are designed to recognize and promote the works of Mississippi playwrights and are open to all writers currently located in Mississippi.

Winners in the Adult and Youth competitions receive staged readings at the MTA Festival and cash prizes–$500 for Adult winners, $250 for Youth winners.

Submissions are accepted from April 1, 2022, until October 1, 2022.

For questions, contact Tonya Hays, Youth Playwriting Chair, or Sarah Grammar, Adult Playwriting Chair.

Playwriting Contest Guidelines

For formatting guidelines, see pages 67-69 in the MTA Handbook.

Submissions are closed for MTA 2023.
Playwriting – 10 Days to Play Resource
Virtual Playwriting Workshop Video

Notable Theatre Festivals

Mississippi is home to several other theatre festivals. Visit the links below for more information

Mississippi Delta Tennessee Williams Festival

Introduction Letter

Mississippi Educational Theatre Association

Mississippi Thespians Website
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MTA 2023 Registration
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Festival Archive
This is a record of past festivals held through the Mississippi Theatre Association.
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