Regional DramaFest

Regional DramaFest

Mississippi Theatre Association facilitates two Regional Drama Festivals each year. Each of these festivals is traditionally held in early December. The North Regional Festival (North DramaFest) is traditionally held at Mississippi State University and the South Regional Festival (South DramaFest) is traditionally held at the University of Southern Mississippi. The top-placing performances of each regional festival advance to the MTA statewide theatre festival, traditionally held on Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. weekend each year. Visit the links below for helpful information in preparing for DramaFest.

MTA Secondary Festival Guidelines 

The MTA Secondary Festival Guidelines are guidelines for the one-act festivals at both regional Drama Festivals and the statewide theatre festival. Participants are encouraged to read these guidelines in preparation for the regional AND state festivals.

DramaFest Statement of Circumstance
MTA and DramaFest Scoresheet

Refer to the adjudicator score sheet while preparing for the one-act festival.

DramaFest Letter of Intent

School theatre programs wishing to participate in the regional Drama Festivals must first complete a DramaFest Letter of Intent. The number of slots available for participants at each regional festival is limited and participation is allowed on a first come first serve basis. Schools are encouraged to submit their letters of Intent as early as possible. Submissions of Letters of Intent open on September 15, 2023.

DramaFest Registration

Thank you for registering for MTA’s 2023-2024 secondary theatre festival cycle! The DramaFest 2023 host schools have been working with the MTA Board of Directors and the staff to provide the best theatrical experience possible. Both festivals will accommodate up to 16 performing schools.

A complete list of secondary DramaFest guidelines and expectations can be found on pages 33-38 of the MTA Handbook.

DramaFest 2023 will be held on December 1-2, 2023.

North Regional Festival site: McComas Hall, Mississippi State University

South Regional Festival site: Mannoni Performing Arts Center, University of Southern Mississippi


What to Expect at DramaFest

A quirky video explaining what students and teachers can expect at the Drama Festival. (Please note in the guidelines the new Go Line rule that was instated in 2015)

Banned Productions 2021-2024

Productions performed at regional festivals within the last 4 years. Please note that schools are not allowed to compete with productions that advance to the state festival for 4 years. Schools are also not allowed to compete with the performance of any production in their region for 4 years.

Using Copyrighted Music in Theatre Productions

This post urges theatre organizations to use music wisely, making sure they have the legal right to use it in their productions. Please note that it is the individual school/theatre’s responsibility to secure the appropriate licensing for any productions that they produce.