Ten-Minute Play Festival

10-Minute Play Festival

Join high school students from around the state in our 10-Minute Play Festival! The 10-Minute Play Festival is designed to provide a low-stress atmosphere where students can experience the production process and cultivate their collaborative and creative skills. The target participants are students who are not participating in individual events but still desire the opportunity to compete and express themselves.

Participation Guidelines

The 10-Minute Festival is open to any organization that is eligible for secondary school theatre participation in the state of Mississippi. This includes the following groups:

  • Public and Private High Schools
  • Performing Arts Schools
  • Non-School Groups
  • Dual Enrollment Institutions
  • Charter Schools
  • Homeschool Groups

Information about the 10-Minute Festival can be found HERE. Registration for 2023 will open in October.

Register for MTA 2024 HERE.